KLD Technologies provides automation servers in the form of virtual appliances and images for the popular Raspberry Pi 4.

Open but secure integration plugins allow integration of infinite number of smart devices and platforms.

Automation server software is provided free of charge, thus with the combination of our products and integration with other brands and smart devices, allows you to build a complete and fully integrated automation solution at a fraction of the market price.

Download the automation software today and build your total home automation solution.

iiotsys™ is a trademark of KLD Technologies cc. KLD Technologies cc is a South African company founded in 2007 with the purpose of designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative consumer products and solutions.

An iiotsys™ IoT Switch is part of the home automation (internet of things) devices that allows you to control electronic and electrical devices that are connected to it by turning them either on and off or opening and closing them. Download the Mobile Apps for simple setup, control, cloud scheduling or for more advanced needs free home server software.

iiotsys™ Solutions and eco-system

Packaged iiotsys™ IoT Switch product

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