Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading or updating the iiotsys™ IoT Switch Firmware

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch recommended method of performing updates is by use of Over The Air (OTA) updates. An over-the-air update is the wireless delivery of new software to iiotsys™ IoT Switch devices. This update method can be actioned through the Mobile App or through the Web User Interface (UI) of the iiotsys™ IoT Switch. This method does not remove or alter any settings or configuration that exists on the iiotsys™ IoT Switch that is already configured. Please see our Mobile App video section and the Mobile Application user manual for more information.

Alternatively, physical firmware updates can also be performed by use a USB to TTL Serial Module / Adapter. Once drivers are loaded for the Module / Adapter, a virtual comport will be generated and made available by the operating system.

The USB module is then connected directly to the iiotsys™ IoT Switch circuit board via the pin headers and the iiotsys™ IoT Switch board is jumper-ed in programming mode.The comport is then used by either the windows OR DOS flash utility to write the file to the connected iiotsys™ IoT Switch board.

Please note that if the flash attempt fails then unplug the usb adapter, replug the USB adapter and proceed. This timeout will occur if the iiotsys™ IoT Switch remains too long in program mode without flash activity. 

NB! – Please note that after flashing the upgrade to an existing iiotsys™ IoT Switch you will have to restore the switch configuration using the restore switch function in the iiotsys™ IoT Switch Mobile App. Please see our Mobile App video section and the Mobile Application user manual for more information. 

Alternatively, if you are only using the openHAB server without the Mobile App then you will need to configure the IoT Switch using the config menu in the integrated Web Application that comes with the openHAB server software and images. Please see our openHAB video section and the Web Application user manual for more information.

Upgrading the Firmware on the iiotsys™ IoT Switch using a USB to TTL Adapter

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