Voice Integration

Voice Integration of iiotsys™ IoT Switches

To enable voice integration you must first have the following;

  • A local openHAB server, this software download is available from our support section on this website,
  • either added existing switches, configured new switches using the iiotsys™ IoT Switch Web Application OR published your switches from the iiotsys™ IoT Switch Mobile App to your local openHAB server,
  • and integrated the local openHAB server with the openHAB cloud services using the openHAB cloud connector.


All these how to videos are available in our videos section on this website.

Please also note that you will require either the Amazon Echo OR Google Home speakers setup with their respective accounts.

Demonstration of Amazon and Google Voice control of iiotsys™ IoT Switches

The demonstration video represents voice control that can be applied to any iiotsys™ IoT Switch using its Switch Name, real life application is for e.g., turn ON / OFF  flood lights, bedroom lights, geyser, garage doors, electric fence, kitchen lights, all lights, all garage doors, pool motor, pool lights and the list is endless in what you wish to voice control. 

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