iiotsys™ Demonstration Videos

The demonstration video represents voice control that can be applied to any iiotsys™ IoT Switch using its friendly name, real life application is e.g., turn ON / OFF  flood lights, bedroom lights, geyser, garage doors, electric fence, kitchen lights, all lights, all garage doors, pool motor, pool lights and the list is endless in what you wish to voice control. 

In this demonstration video we demonstrate the use of traditional Amazon (Alexa) and Google (Assistant) voice services control of iiotsys™ IoT Switches. Although a “Demo Lamp” was used for these demonstrations control by name of how you have named your switches is equally possible i.e. turn on floodlights, pool motor etc. etc.

With the proliferation of Artificial intelligence and consumer robotics more and more integrations to voice control platforms are becoming a everyday reality, In this video we expand on the traditional static Alexa and Google devices and demonstrate control integration with AI Vector Robot

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