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Android Mobile Application

These are basic videos for consumers who want to install and configure new or existing iiotsys™ IoT Switches.

The Mobile App supports configuring new iiotsys™ IoT Switches, Adding Existing iiotsys™ IoT Switches, Managing iiotsys™ IoT Switches, Cloud scheduling iiotsys™ IoT Switches, publishing iiotsys™ IoT Switches to openHAB server, system monitoring, support and managing in-app purchases.

Publishing and Cloud scheduling features are once-off in-app purchases.

For consumers who wish to further enhance their basic Mobile Application control can then proceed to optionally implement their own home automation server to;

  • extend control panels throughout their premise,
  • additional synchronized control of iiotsys™ IoT Switches cross application platforms,
  • or add voice control for Google Home and / or Amazon Echo.

The server virtual appliance and image software is available for download from this website, please visit our openHAB and Voice Integration video sections on this website for more information.

For more detailed information please download the user manuals available on this website.

Android Mobile Application Feature layout

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