Frequently asked questions ( iiotsys™ IoT Switch)

A iiotsys™ IoT Switch is part of the global home automation (Internet of things) devices that allows you to control electronic and electrical devices that are connected to it by turning them either on and off or opening and closing them. Simply download the free Mobile App to easily setup and control or cloud schedule control of iiotsys™ IoT Switches. Our platform also offer support for Sonoff Basic and Safe Voltage switches once you flash our freely available firmware to it. Looking for more?, download our free server software based on openHAB home automation server and seamlessly integrate your iiotsys™ IoT Switches and other smart products into one solution with voice control IFTTT (If That, Then This) and touch panels throughout your home or office.

Where can I buy a iiotsys™ IoT Switch?

Please refer to our list of approved distributors for sales and support or alternatively contact our sales department who can advise you on a distributor nearest to you.

How does it work?

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch connects to a secure cloud platform using your Home or Office Wi-Fi router and waits for messages that control it. The Mobile App loaded on your phone securely connects to the cloud platform using either your home, office or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection and passes control messages to your iiotsys™ IoT Switch.
That means whether you are at home, office or away you can always control your iiotsys™ IoT Switch.

How does the switch control devices?

The IN-LINE model powers appliances connected to it and the ISOLATED model provides a pair of contacts that can be open (off), closed (on), pulsed (on for one second then automatically turns off).

What is the difference between the models?

The IN-LINE model can be used for lights, geysers, pool motors and generally any electrical appliance.
The ISOLATED model can be used for garage doors, driveway gates, alarm systems and generally any electronic device that needs a simple open, close or pulse signal.

When a iiotsys™ IoT Switch is used in tandem with an industrial strength type relay the voltages and amperage can be much higher.

What more can you offer?

We provide a free secure cloud platform, Mobile App’s and home automation servers that can also be voice control enabled.
We provide you the ability with just an investment in the iiotsys™ IoT Switch to grow your solution from an app into a full-blown home automation solution that still seamlessly integrates with the original Mobile App’s.
As we develop and provide more features these are passed onto you at little or no cost.

What technologies are used to control the iiotsys™ IoT Switch?

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch can communicate using MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol to the cloud messaging server.
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch can also be controlled using conventional request-response-based HTTP protocol.

How stable is the iiotsys™ IoT Switch?

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch is designed to self-heal whenever there is a power failure, home or office Wi-Fi failure or internet failure.
Validated details are stored to the memory on the device ensuring that it won’t forget its settings in any failure situation.
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch is designed to detect and manage Wi-Fi interference and signal jamming by automatically changing frequency channels ensuring that it will stay connected.
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch will not accidentally activate or de-activate when power is restored to it. (subject to default boot state feature being either ON or OFF)
The IoT Firmware has been tested to ensure the device never freezes in any operation.

How do I update the firmware?

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch supports Over The Air (OTA) and serial connection firmware update methods.

Why do I need a openHAB server?

For basic control and scheduling all that is needed is the Mobile App, however if advanced feature support like Voice control ( Aexa, Google Assitant) and IFTTT etc. are required then a openHAB server is required.

How does in-app purchases like cloud scheduling and publish to openHAB work?

Cloud scheduling and openHAB publish features are once off purchases on the Mobile Applications. Cloud scheduling will allow you to create UNLIMITED timers / schedules. Each schedule is then linked to a existing iiotsys™ IoT or Sonoff Switch as a ON/OFF/PULSE event. once/daily/weekly complex schedules can be created.

Publish to openHAB is a full API integration to our free home server virtual appliances and raspberry pi images, this allows you to effortlessly publish your iiotsys™ IoT or Sonoff switches to openHAB.

What do you offer that Sonoff / eWe (eWeLink) does not?

Currently the eWe App and native Sonoff firmware only offers 20% of our iiotsys™ features. Please request a feature comparison report via the web form below and we will be happy to send it to you.

How secure is the iiotsys™ IoT Switch?

The Iiotsys™ IoT Switch conforms to WPA/WPA2 data encryption standards.
Each iiotsys™ IoT Switch gets assigned a 24-character unique alpha numeric control subject.
The control functions each have a 7-character unique alpha numeric control key.
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch SSID can be hidden for added security.
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch native Web interface can be locked with password protection ensuring lockout from being added to Mobile Applications and unauthorized users that already have access to your local Wi-Fi network.

Configuration data stored in the iiotsys™ IoT Switch memory cannot be retrieved that would link the cloud user to the device being controlled.

How secure is the data exchanged between my mobile device and the cloud platform?

Connections between your Mobile App and the cloud messaging platforms is fully encrypted.
• TLS v1.2 connection.
• AES 128Bit GCM authenticated.
• ECDHE_RSA key exchange

How secure is the cloud platform?

Each user is segmented by virtual host from other users.
Each user on the cloud platform is unique.
Connections between cloud platform and your Mobile App is fully encrypted.
• TLS v1.2 connection.
• AES 128Bit GCM authenticated.
• ECDHE_RSA key exchange.

How secure is the overall solution?

Data stored in the iiotsys™ IoT Switch memory cannot be retrieved that would link the cloud user to the device being controlled.
In essence it would be easier to gain access to your property by forced physical entry than to try and hack our systems.

What data is transmitted?

For MQTT control the subjects and control keys.
For Service startup your login credentials.
We do not transmit data for data analytics or marketing research, please refer to our privacy policy.

What makes the iiotsys™ IoT Switch unique?

The iiotsys™ IoT Switch is one of the highest rated amperage IoT Switches in the Market and is rated at 15A (Amperes).
The iiotsys™ IoT Switch is modular in assembly making repairs and support easier than completely integrated circuit boards.
The high quality in design, components and choice of materials used, with emphasis on safety and quality over cost.
In-App purchases such as cloud scheduling and publish to openHAB API allow you to add the functionality you want over the basic on, off and pulse functions.
Feature rich globally available, Mobile Applications and cloud solutions.

What do I need to do to connect my Sonoff switches and what are the costs?

Download our utilities and firmware and flash our firmware to your Sonoff Smart Switch, Mobile Applications then configure the Sonoff the same way as out iiotsys IoT Switch.

Mobile Apps provide  free use as per iiotsys™ products for unlimited Sonoff Switches, Free home automation server  iiotsys™ Web Application support and full Web user interfaces on each of the Sonoff switches converted using our firmware.

What Sonoff models are supported and what about future developments?

Currently there is custom flash utilities and firmware available in our support section that support the Sonoff Basic and Sonoff Safe Voltage switches. We will be adding additional model firmware as demand grows.

Why would we choose to use you for our Sonoff switches when the eWe App is free?

We offer a Global presence, feature rich mobile applications and solution platforms that transform your budget Sonoff devices into a world class featured asset at no additional cost. 

Why would we buy your iiotsys™ IoT Switch hardware if Sonoff is 4 times cheaper than yours ?

The Sonoff Basic is a budget IoT Switch in every respect whereas our hardware is essentially industrial quality in every respect. Please see our technical specifications and interactive 360 product showcase section to make the necessary valid comparisons.

In essence although the Sonoff Basic is up to 4 times cheaper, we are 4 times cheaper in terms of value when compared to that of Sonoff Basic. The choice is yours.

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